Thursday, 21 July 2011

Golden Circle: Strokkur, fail video.

Next on the trip was the first real attraction of the Golden Circle, Geysir. It's been dormant for a long time now, the last time it erupted was IDK when and was triggered by some folk wanting to celebrate some anniversary of the country. Geysir isn't the most interesting thing that there is, however.

Strokkur is. Mostly due to its habit of erupting every 5-7 minutes.

There are other pools of hot water too, but they don't erupt. This allows you to walk right to them.

The water can reach temperatures over 100C because of pressure so touching it is generally advised against.

This one's the most beautiful one in my opinion. All blue!

Strokkur again.

Strokkur in between eruptions.

This is the "Little Geysir" which doesn't erupt but is constantly boiling. It's cute!

Here's the Great Geysir in puzzle panorama.

Annnnnd a short video of Strokkur erupting. I was tilting the camera too much to the left, I'm so sorry... -.-


  1. ...ssso, if I threw an egg into one, it would be nice and ready in few minutes, ah piknik.. ..

    ..errm. Seriously speaking, right. Geysirs.. I have always found them cool, so, nice photos~ And that blue one.. such an interetsing color öuö.

  2. Well, yeah, it would be done pretty fast! This one Japanese tv show crew once tried to cook shabu-shabu in Strokkur. It came out overcooked. :DDDD