Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Golden Circle: hate to hassle a pilgrimage.

A church at Skálholt. Upon nearing it we saw a long line of people walking almost in the middle of the road. We muttered some dark words about such people on such narrow roads, no attention paid to the traffic etc. except that when we passed them we realized they were actually pilgrims. Well, I still say they could have watched the traffic a bit. :Þ

Behind the church there was... this. Apparently another, older church.

They had a nice photoshopped image of how the church had probably looked like when it still existed. Complete with a floating lady and her floating cow.

the pilgrims left their things by the wall for while they attended the mass.

This was once upon a time a little town of sorts, or something. A very important place with a library and suchlike.

Here's the area in a closer view, you can click the pic larger if you're curious about it.

A random, weird-looking motorhome at the parking lot. I've never ever in my life seen one that would look like this so naturally I needed a photo of it.

The landscape and a tiny little graveyard behind the church.

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