Saturday, 30 July 2011

Rose Melody set.

I recently got this Rose Melody set in the mail (bought via Clobbao) and let me tell you, what I experienced at the customs office left such deep wounds on me (and my finances) that I'll likely treat them with fear and contempt forever. So just in case one of you guys working there are reading this, know that you lost my love and respect forever.
Well, respect actually already went out of the window that time you tried to make me pay heinous custom fees for a supposed sewing machine that in reality was actually a scarf and some old bits of fabric that I had to mail myself because they didn't fit in my suitcase and that parcel was, like, half the size of a sewing machine no matter how you look at it. BUT I DIGRESS.

How do I feel about this set and my experience with Clobbao? Mostly quite happy.

The shirt for example is a dream. So light, the fabric and lace are high quality and the construction leaves nothing to be wished for. 

The front of the bust.

The bows are all detachable!

The quality of lace and other materials is also very good.

However, here's a couple of woes. Number one are the loops on the top of the dress. They feel flimsy and I don't dare to tighten them as much as I would need to. The loops for the lacing on the shirt are muuuuuuch better.

The zipper is almost broken. I've worn this set once so far to try it on and I don't think that it should break because of that (esp. since the top part is slightly loose on me, note my problems with the lacing). 

No complaints on the embroidery what so ever.

The ruffles and pintucks on the front of the dress.

Dealing with Clobbao was very pleasant: all my e-mails got a prompt reply and he did his all to help me wherever my order was in danger of failing, f.ex. at the measures. He made me re-measure myself at least twice because apparently there was something funny about the measurements. Reading his feedback I noticed this happens quite often - that customers send their measurements to him several times because, and he tends to use the same wording often, no one can be that shape with measurement X. I found this a bit funny but hey, as long as customers are happy with their order everyone's happy!

Also: wow, when did I get a full 40 readers? :D? You guys are so stealthy and I love you all! 

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