Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Fru Berglaug is where we go.

As we're going to lose some of our members in the near future, we now have to have as many meet-ups as possible while we still can! ;^; Well, not that I would mind. Our group may be small but it is made of awesome, every meet-up has been loads of fun to me, and it's going to be so sad to lose such great people from it. But let's not cry yet: let's wear frills.


Kat, me and M. Apparently something highly embarrassing is going on here.

Oh yeah I taught them the Kaino-pose! You know, the one I have in almost Every. Single. Photo. ever taken of me. I've thought often that I might profit from learning a new one but you know, it's not broken, why fix. :D

Kat and M being beautiful. They're good at it.

Kat. I loved her dress. It just so happens that I made a replica of the exact same dress once upon a time and I ended up beating myself over the head for not wearing it that day...

M, elegant as always.

Me. Derp.

Eva being lovely. Those Irregular Choice boots stole my heart btw. ;^;

M makes friends with an usakumiya. This will not end well.

Credits for photos go to Kat and Eva!

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