Saturday, 27 August 2011

10: What's in my bag?

I have plenty of bags so I chose the one I've used most recently. Now let's see what it has eaten...

On top, the blue plastic bag holds embroidery materials and tools. They've been used lately for making needlepoint lace, that gray cardboard base below with three pieces of lace still attached to it. I love to work on it while sitting at a cafe or spending time with friends, and yes I can socialize and make lace at the same time because I'm just that badass. :D

On the same side of the bag as the gray lacebase there's a one thousand bill, value approx 6 euros at the moment. Then there's a ball-point pen and my keys with the cutest piglet mini led torch ever! It's got a heart at its belly and you press that and the light comes out of its snout. Cuuuuute~~~!

Moving back up, next to the blue embroidery bag there's a coupon for cafe Fru Berglaug that gives me a free coffee there. And a receipt from bookstore Eymundsson because I hoard receipts like the biggest receipt hoarder there is. DX Apparently I've bought a book called "Hinn mikli Gatsby" which is just "The Great Gatsby" in Icelandic. I've taken to reading books in Icelandic in hopes of actually learning something from them. So far I've managed Bokasafn ömmu Huldar, two Harry Potters and half of Meistarinn og Margarita and gotten thoroughly fed up with my dictionary's habit of always, always falling off the bed/table/whatev I'm reading on just the moment when I reach out for it!

I digress. Below those there are some essential make-ups: a small bottle of nailpolish in what was my current colour when I last used the bag (because it annoys me to the maxx when my nailpolish chips), lip pencil, rouge (comes with a handy mirror), an empty case for earrings (my ears get easily irritated by certain metals so I keep that with me just in case I need to remove my earrings) and a comb. The comb is the most important in Reykjavík winds.

Then there's four cards. Top to bottom: coffee card for the student cafe Háma, point card for fabric store Virka (two thirds full too I see), a debit card for my Finnish account and my driver's licence. 


  1. Oi, ommeltua pitsiä! Vaa-din tarkempia kuvia, kunhan pitsisi ovat valmiit. Minusta pitsinompelu seurassa on periaatteessa mukavaa mutta käytännössä hankalaa, tulee umpimielinen olo kun tuijottaa pikku lankanyherrystään kyyristyneenä. Neuloa ja virkata voi melkeinpä sormituntumalta, mutta pitsinompelu vaatii tarkkaa tihrustamista.

  2. Hahaa, totta! Mutta sitä voi silti harrastaa isohkossa seurassa vaikka nimenomaan kahvilla käydessä, koska silloin voi välillä ommella ja välillä pitää sosiaalista taukoa. Toisekseen en tihrusta tarkkaan ja se kyllä näkyy työn jäljessä, voi elämä sentään... -.-