Thursday, 25 August 2011

9: 5 things I would never do in lolita.

Haha, this could include anything from mudwrestling to skydiving, but I guess the point is to list things that one would actually do, just not in lolita. K then, challenge accepted!

1. Clean up the house. Lolita tends to have many layers and I get sweaty enough in normal clothes, besides anything nicer would land in dire risk of getting stained. I do have dresses that can take more abuse than most, but why deliberately harm them?

2. Go to a work interview. There's time and place for everything and for lolita the time and place are not around when trying to woo a potential employer, unless seeking to be employed at a lolita related place. However, I've a feeling those aren't that common so the safe bet is always something else.

3. Move house. Poofy skirts and frills are not the outfit for lifting heavy boxes or even throwing things in them.

4. Uh... harvest potatoes. I almost wrote here "gardening" but in reality I have done that in lolita - the lighter kind I mean, weeding, watering etc. Oh, mow the lawn! Definitely wouldn't be pushing a lawn mower in ruffles!

5. Sing in a choir or any other task that requires uniform dressing up. Not even if just given the usual "everyone needs to wear black, no further rules".

It was difficult to think these up. There are so many styles and ways of wearing lolita that for almost anything there is a style, and the occasions where there really is NO suitable way of wearing lolita like going to the gym, putting off fires, arresting people and performing brain surgery, well, let's just say I don't need to concern myself with them...


  1. What about pole dancing in lolita?

  2. You know, I actually considered it once already, just for the lols of it - it would not be very practical but at least it would look amusing. :D