Friday, 12 August 2011

30 days meme, day one.

(Bandwagoning like the bandwagoniest of them all, I decided to do this meme too.)

5 things about your lolita bubble.

1. Blogs and blogging, LJ counts as one. I love lolita-related blogs, and my favourites tend to be either about the classic lolita style or then lolita in context with something else. I love the style itself but after being in it for years, general lolita blogs tend to give me nothing new unless they're especially well-written.
I also love blogs about other pretty things, like lace, volcanoes and corsets.

2. Partaking IRL in lolita communities, plural because Iceland and Finland. Meet-ups are the best, but random hanging out is very good too. I particularly love going hunting for new, cute cafes, arranging random parties with loads of foods and watching crappy movies with friends, no matter how many times something like Camp Rock made me want to do a nosedive from my friend's balcony (5th floor?).

For those of you who'd like to try a bit more challenging experience than just basic everyday Disney there's always Phantom of the Park.

3. Facebook. This one's a new addition to my lolita bubble because apparently in Iceland that is the biggest and most popular form of keeping in touch with your friends. We now have an Icelandic lolitas' group there called Fluff It Like a Puffin, through which we've already arranged several meet-ups.

4. Talent. I love to surround myself with people who are really good at something they do, often in hopes of learning something about it myself. Yes, friends, this means you. It can be anything from coordinating to make-up to embroidery to photography, name it and I'm probably fangirling someone in my friends group for their skills in that particular art!

5. Art. I love especially Pre-Raphaelite and Rococo, and I do take a lot of influence from them in both ideas and styles. I may try a certain hairstyle just because I saw it in a painting, or try to ape the general look with make-up or colour combinations, accessorizing, dress designs etc. It really doesn't end anywhere.

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