Saturday, 13 August 2011

2: Five things I love about lolita.

1. That historical influence. I absolutely love old fashions, my favourites being medieval times, rococo and the Victorian era, and a fashion that enables me to be obviously influenced by them is like chocolate fudge on chocolate cake. By obviously influenced I mean that if I want to show rococo in my clothes it's not going to mean a measly rose pin in the hair and some lace in the hem: it's going to mean an all-out poof with roses and ribbons and silk and bow shoes and big hair and macarons and fans and gloves and and and and...

2. Aesthetics, heh, duh. :D And femininity! I've been girly all my life minus one bit where I was entirely uninterested in clothes (I think I was something like 9 years old back then) and even gotten trouble for it. When I was a kid, you see, wearing a skirt was very old fashioned for a girl and the fact I insisted wearing one made me seem like a spoiled little brat. Probably didn't help that I was also a horrible know-it-all and uppity as anything, but I digress. I love lolita because it allows me to be the epitome of girliness and pile on all the things I love to wear, even all at the same time if fancy strikes me so.

3. Escapism. I hesitated naming this one but it is among the main reasons I love lolita. It allows me to remove myself from the ordinary world and the requirements I myself think it has on me. If I fail something, well, so be it and it wasn't such an end of the world as such occasions otherwise would be for me. It sounds very much like I had insecurity issues and that's very true, I did. I'm very unforgiving when it comes to my own shortcomings. Wearing lolita has made me relax about my own expectations and that really helps to put things into perspective and drive some sense into my brain. Looking at myself while pretending to be someone else has made me realize that maybe, just maybe I'm not such an important person that f.ex. a bad grade or some embarrassing thing I did is going to shatter planets. It doesn't really show in any way, but it's there and it makes me feel a bit like a secret superhero. :D

4. A brilliant chance to meet with like-minded people, what's more, it's really easy to find such people sometimes even just by walking downtown. A lolita tends to stand out for some reason.
(By the way I totally do randomly walk up to people and chat them up if they're wearing lolita.)

5. Learning new skills. Nothing prompts me as well as lolita does. That little bit of needlepoint lace I made I made with a dress or a cardigan in mind, and the next piece I'm making is definitely going on a dress as well.


  1. Oh my, did I almost drop from my sitting place when I saw the first pics. Oh my you furretifurretifurr, would I love to see you around my wardrobe... Ahhaha *tiredness talking* 8D.

    Ahm, but anyway, excellent choices for the entry. Mine would go somewhat like that too.

  2. No one's wardrobe is safe while I'm around them. :3 What's a furretifurretifurr??? :DDDD?

  3. X''D. That would be the light blue dressthingy, ie. the one on the second pic up there. Things tend to get nicknames, and since that thingy has furdetails, its name is hereby Furretifurretifurr~
    (Tiredness ain't the most clever writing companion 8D.)

  4. Ahahahahahahahahaha suddenly it all makes sense! XD But indeed, I do love that fur detail there. So luxurious!