Wednesday, 24 August 2011

8: Five songs that inspire me in lolita.

This part of the meme was difficult on a whole different level: what songs should I pick? So many inspire me in lolita, and besides they change according to the season. Earlier in the summer I loved songs that were light and airy and possibly a little bit melancholy. Now the autumn is just around the corner and my tastes are veering towards the dark side (the dark side has cookies anyway).

1. Katrinah Josephina. Universal Hall Pass

2. Gather Roses. Seeker

3. Pyykkipäivä. Pariisin kevät

4. Konoyo no kagiri. Shiina Ringo.

5. Yona Yona Yona. Yoeko Kurahashi.

6. 17 Pink Sugar Elephants. Vashti Bunyan.

This is the extra one I promised yesterday. Well to be honest I needed to put an extra song in to fit all my most important. I've once linked to another song of Vashti's, the Train Song, which is technically the same as her 17 Pink Sugar Elephants. I just love the lyrics in this one a bit better.


  1. Indeeeeed. Btw this is the first song I ever heard from her. I got interested in this Miss Ringo when I heard she had made music for Sakuran, a movie made out of one of my favourite manga ever, so naturally I had to check and it was pretty much love at first note.