Thursday, 18 August 2011

A hodgepodge of pretty and fun things.

The next part of the meme will take a while to put together, so instead I'll post about some little things that have happened lately. The meme will return shortly! :D 
I took this photo downtown on yet another artsy project of someone's. Note that thing on the top of the paper is nothing rude, it's an octopus. Well, I keep telling that to myself anyway.

And this little fellow was the reason I needed that photo in the first place! :3

Here's some new finds from Kolaportið: a new cup for my teacup collection and a new clock for Snu's clock collection. I love the little clock he found - coincidentally my cup was bought at the same table - and now we'll only have to find it a proper place somewhere among the shelves. 

The cup I got is different from the others that I have in that it's very simple in design. Yet it's breathtakingly beautiful cobalt blue with gold, my favourite colour combination ever. The stamp in the bottom says: 

Sraf von Henneberg Porzellan 1777
Made in Germany
Echt Kobalt 704/1l64 15

I think it's my new favourite now.

I tried my hand at gradated nails after reading a post at Sapphira's. They turned out quite pretty even if I say so!

A new piece of needlepoint lace I'm working on. It's still a bit clumsy but worlds better than the first try, and once I get the puffins out of my system I promise to make some other patterns too. :D

A sunny day dress, I love this particular one above all my other long, flowy dresses. Much love for Snu for finding it! My nail colour went wonderfully with the print and I'm taking this photoshoot seriously I am I am I am. :D


  1. Lunneja.... sun pitäs oikeest hankkii joku lunnitatuointi tjsp.

  2. Pöllötatska mulla jo olikin! :DDD

  3. Heee, I wanna try needlepoint lace too! Looks cool~

  4. There's a tutorial for it floating somewhere on the internets, find it and we can make elitism one more step more obnoxious by insisting we only wear handmade lace! :D