Wednesday, 17 August 2011

6: Five things I can't live without in lolita.

1. My hair curler. I originally bought it off a friend almost new. She had tried it one her hair but having a really heavy, long, gorgeous hair the curls it managed on her were but waves and didn't last at all. Me on the other hand, my flimsy mop bends to the curler's will muuuuch better!

2. That pair of white Dinsko MJs. I don't even remember how old they are, yet they've always been such a favourite that they're the pair that gets the most action whenever I choose to wear lolita.

3. Friends. The numbers aren't in any order of importance, because if they were this one would definitely be number one.

4. My sewing machine. I've made my own lolita clothes ever since I started lolita. First out of necessity - brands were expensive and most of them were not at my reach as a Westerner anyway - and then more and more out of wanting to have items no one else has. I don't know, it just makes me feel really special knowing there's a zero chance anyone would ever be wearing the same. This does not stop at the dresses I've made btw. I have equal, strong attachment to items other people have made that I own.

5. My ancient, trusty petti. It has followed me from the beginning. I've had many others during the years but this one stays until I've worn it through, mark my words. If for no other reason then because it's made of very nice cotton and looks good under a bustle skirt.

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