Friday, 9 September 2011

About postcards and A Charming Mass Suicide.

Actually, it's not only my tea cup collection that has grown but my old cards collection as well. This one's grown more generally though, a card here and another one there, spread out over a longer period of time. I don't even remember when I've bought all these so I'll just start listing the new additions to the collection and make a couple of posts about them, as squeezing them all into one entry would really blow it out of proportion.

This first one is just a simple rose card, written on at the back, but it was so charming I had to have it!

And those of you who have known me for longer might immediately understand why this card stood out for me. I love personifications. All of them in fact, but the virtues are a soft spot for me and have been that ever since I waded through a whopload of research because of my final project, sat with several wise men and women and interviewed them on the matter.

This trio here are the theological virtues, and naturally the most well-liked and easiest to recognize.

Then moving onto a completely different type of subject, Iceland is an unsurprisingly good place for scouting volcano cards! This one's a photo from Katla erupting in 1918, and it serves as an explanation to why Icelanders don't take this particular volcano's eruptions lightly! Even Hekla gets less attention, my boyfriend's mum's attitude was that it just going boom every ten years or so, but Katla - she is a whole different story. The volcano is now so active it's being closely monitored and the people living nearby are following it too, in order to evacuate presto if need be.

Talking about Hekla, here's one of her. This is just an artist's view of it though. However, it is really interesting to me and I'd really love to try to go and find the place where the artist has stood looking at the mountain...

This is no card. It's added here as a curiousity and because I can. Snu found it at Kolaportið and bought it, and I sort of wrenched it off his hands and started reading it immediately. It's a translation of "Hurmaava joukkoitsemurha" (= A Charming Mass Suicide) by the Finnish author Arto Paasilinna and it totally surprised me to see it translated into Icelandic! :D It's a brilliant story and a pleasant way of studying Icelandic so for now, the book is all mine, mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha...

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