Thursday, 8 September 2011

More lovely tea cups for meeeee~

Collections grow randomly, this is something I've definitely learned while collecting tea cups in Iceland! The hunting grounds are much better than in Finland IMHO, but even so it can take months and months of no new additions and then all of a sudden, BAM, five new cups. Ahem. I do feel suitably guilty for blowing all that money on them but aaaaaa, they're so pretty!

Let's start from this little beauty. I bought it because the combination of simple elegance and very low price was irresistible.

No stamps anywhere, so it could be that it's just a cheap knock-off of some fancier cup design.

Something about this one sent me instantly to a nostalgic trip to my childhood summers at the summer cottage, although truth be told we had no such fancy cups there, just a random assortment of this-and-thats.

The stamp has a coat-of-arms with a plumed helmet on top and the letter R with an arrow in the middle. Below that the text simply says "Germany" and then two letters that could be I I, but they're so faded I can't really make them out.

I love the little details!

Another white+gold, seems like I really like that combination. :D This was sold as a set but I have my doubts about them actually originally belonging together, namely because the stamps don't match and the decorations aren't done in the same colour.

The cup is simply labeled "IMPORT". 
The saucer has a coat-of-arms with three stars across and a crown on top, and the letters P and T on its sides. Below it is this text:
And underneath that inside a circle in red:
Albin Denk

I would love to match the plate with a cup it belongs to. If you have any info on this, please share. 

Then there's this one. Quite over the top and it has even feet on it! :D It's large like a soup bowl in comparison to the others and has a pearly sheen all over. Naturally it's just some random cup, stamped "FOREIGN", but OMG how amazingly tacky and awesome! XD

This one could also be a mismatched pair, but if not, the message it has is definitely interesting! here's a young man courting a lady...

...and here's some ladies dealing with a cupid! XDXDXD He's not flying anywhere now, let alone shooting at anyone with that bow.
But yeah, could definitely be a pair that didn't originally belong together - and I do mean the cup and the saucer!

Lastly there's this pink and gold pretty. It was the most interesting one of them all because it came with an attached note!

Stamp says EPIAG, and underneath it is an armour-encased arm holding something that could be a short sword or a dagger. Below that is the text "Made in Czechoslovakia".

The saucer had a sticker on the bottom, covering the stamp. It had text on it that read:
"1988 til Sannie fra din søde farmor". I'm not certain which language it is but my guess is either Danish or Norwegian.


  1. very tasty! it is good to have a collection of something useful nb. I prefer ordinary mugs as they are more shock-resistant and so I have my collection of ugly mugs. it's amazing how some of them can bring back good memories of times, people and places. I like watching display windows of antique shops - some stuff is nostalgically charming - but have never decided to buy anything, I prefer new items somehow.

  2. Teekuppi jolla on jalat! Kylpyammeet, kermanekat ja nojatuolit vielä ymmärrän, mutta teekuppi? Ei sillä, rakastuin siihen heti... :D Teekuppikokoelmasi on ihana, mutta miten ihmeessä olet varastoinut ne?

  3. Siis lol tarkoitan, että miten kaappitilasi riittää? Ilmaisen itseäni niiin hyvin :P

  4. Asio Otus: As you should! My babies deserve all the love in the world! :D

    Ashka: I agree, the only downside to this collection is that I can drink tea or coffee out of them but then I have to keep pouring more all the time as the cups are so tiny. I do need those servants, I've Bobloads of work planned out for them already -
    AHEM. The nostalgic value of a collection is often one of the best parts of it.

    Helmi: Ajattelin kuta kuinkin just noin kun näin sen! Olis nyt vielä ollu leijonantassut niin olisi oikein mahdollisimman kummallinen.
    Teekuppini on varastoitu astiakaapin ylimmälle hyllylle lasioven taa, voisin oikeastaan ottaa siitäkin valokuvan että voisin paremmin demonstroida systeemini toimintaa. :D

  5. KJHGSDFKHFSDM, that cup has pawns! (Legs?) How über cute is that! xD
    Ahm, and the almost-whole-white, with the flowerkindaplate is very beautiful one. And the white-gold -one. Yup. You surely must have one awesome collection =u=.

  6. Indeeeeeeeeeeed!!! It's so precious there are no words for it. NO WORDS.
    I'm suddenly struck with an idea of arranging my whole collection somewhere and taking a photo of it, hmmmm...