Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I'm getting that tired feeling in the mornings again.

So the uni started and now, finally, after a week of utter confusion I have all my classes in place and hopefully the office gets to updating my timetable soon. It's going to be such a nasty surprise once again that even though we hardly have classes the workload still gets to be quite staggering. I mean the contemporary literature class? Six books to read in a language I've studied only for a year now, are you kidding me? In any case I doubt I'll be able to post as often as during the summer, even when I've got so many photos waiting to be edited, sorted in groups and posted here that it hurts! Maybe I'll make a HUEG post with them all.
Maybe I'll post them all once a day for months to come.
Who knows what I'll do with all those postcards, teacups and frilly dresses.

The song has nothing to do with anything btw, I just put it there to have something interesting in this entry. :D

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