Sunday, 4 September 2011

A little statue park.

There's a little statue garden I love to visit in downtown Reykjavík, very near Hallgrímskirkja. It's outside the museum of the art of Einar Jónsson so maturally all these statues are by him as well. Admission to the park is free, the statues are beautiful and all in all if the weather over here could ever be trusted, this is the place people would have picnics.

The first picture is of a statue called "Protection". In my opinion it shows best the artists's wonderful skills at sculpting drapery. All his work is just as magnificent no matter which side you look at it - go around this one and you'll see the wonderful decorative carving on the back of the seat the lady is sitting upon!

"The Guardian Angel". I try not to get into a Freudian mindset here because the statue itself is truly beautiful. Einar Jónsson took lots of influence from the old Nordic mythology by the way, so even his most Christian-themed work can sometimes include small surprises.

"Glíma". :DDD If you now have "El Bimbo" ringing in your head I have succeeded. However, the artist's view is fairly realistic because this is what glíma looks like:

"Light and Shadow". Click bigger to see the amazing work on the wings!

All the while we were there groups of rather strange-looking individuals kept coming in. Some of them were dressed up in these tents I sneaked a photo of. Some were drunk worse than others and to my huge annoyance one hero climbed the statue of "Spring", dropped his trou and started humping it for photos. It's almost like I never left Finland...

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