Friday, 2 September 2011

Oooooh shiny...!

Some of my latest shoppings: A post by HajaMiel prompted me immediately to go snooping around Violent Lips' pages and this is what caught my eye. The customs had opened this parcel very extremely thoroughly - they even opened that pack of black and white transfers - but that's not really surprising considering that I'm getting a parcel from Violent Lips that states it includes "red hearts" and "orgami" [sic]. Had I been a customs officer I would have been interested too. Alas for them I was a bit less interesting than they estimated!

The other one - oooohmigods. It's a recipe book for cooking sugar and the many, yummy forms it comes in. I'm drooling just to read it... here's a couple of photos from it.

I've no idea where to start trying these out but rest assured I will be taking loads of photos should I actually manage some of these recipes! Funnily enough, I've always been afraid of cooking sugar (the only thing in cooking that I'm more afraid is deep-frying) but something about the way this author writes makes me totally want to overcome that, like, NOW. :O~~~


  1. Hahaa, you must take a pic with those lipthingies, I`m curious 8D.
    And gosh, such a delicious pics of delicious things. Could eat them anytime ^^.

  2. Indeeeeeeed I'm curious too! Now I'm just being held back by nightmares from childhood where I tended to mess up all my transfer stickers, fearing that I'll just waste my money for being a klutz. ;^;