Saturday, 3 September 2011

I feel successful!

My little Saintpaulia is blooming! The photo on the left is from about a week ago and the one on the right was taken yesterday. Saintpaulias are my favourite potted plants ever and I had been wishing for one for ages until finally one day we visited a HUUUUGE flower market. They had two teeeny tiny Saintpaulias and I chose this pretty thing.

It feels strange when you really start noticing you're no longer living in your home country. In Finland Saintpaulias are everywhere, you can practically buy them from large grocery stores and every singe flower shop. Here in Iceland I never saw any of them anywhere and had almost given up hope. Lucky me that big flower market had at least this one so that if I want more Saintpaulias I can always grow more now.

My little pink polka-dot gave me the biggest surprise ever, because it was largely unknown a plant for me and I never ever ever thought it would actually bloom. Nothing I read on the internets about its care prepared me for this either. All of a sudden it just begun growing tiny little flowers that stay for a week and then wilt away, but my how pretty, and the colour is really intense!

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