Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Some peek-a-boo for tonight, the rest will follow.

Sssoooo a long time ago I started making a series of collages and even though they're not quite postable yet I thought of showing what I wore first. They're all a bit more showy than what I would usually wear but the situation sort of demanded that. So here goes, hairstyles and accessories!

I got that pearls and butterflies hairband from blondedebates (LJ nick) at a craft swap but I never got a proper chance to thank the maker so just in case you see this, it's totally lovely and I love it, and thank you so much!

Another one. I was once again surprised by my hair's ability to always curl not quite according to the keikaku but it turned out nicely in the end. :D Nevermind that piece of foam swatch in my hand. I needed it when I was propping my camera upright outside, taking shots of the whole outfit.

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