Monday, 12 September 2011

The photos with Bumblebee.

Yesterday I was all set for an elegant and refined photoshoot but then we had a surprise visitor and it sort of came to this. Note: I have a serious fear of everything that is stripy, can potentially sting and can fly. 

I recently got this lovely dress in the mail. It's a replica of the VM Fairy Chiffon Doll and that means that I now own two replicas of the dress - the other one made by me - but hey, if getting my hands on the real thing really is that impossible then sure, why not. It would also be interesting to have a side by side comparison of these two replicas so maybe I'll do that once I'll finally get to making the belt. 

It'll also have to happen indoors.


  1. The dress is gorgeous and stripy things are evil!

  2. I'm with the comment above! Such a pretty dress~

  3. Elfie: it is and they are, but alas without them the garden wouldn't do very well. For most of the summer they're ok-ish but come autumn their food gets scarce so they really start approaching humans in a hopeful manner. D:

    HajaMiel: I'm reeeeeeeeeeeaaaallly happy with it myself! I would wear it to tatters if the summer was a bit longer! I guess the incoming autumn will save it for yet another summer of wearing.

  4. Bees and bubblebees are ok by me, but wasps...and they do nothing even for gardens...

  5. Wasps just eat everyone's plums and apples. D: