Saturday, 29 October 2011

Meetup for macarons!

Martyna found out about a place that actually makes macarons here in Reykjavík, and to my knowledge it's the only place that does: Sandholt on Laugavegur. Besides that I must say that their cakes are quite different from what you'd usually get, and in a good way. This may be the best cafe for cakes now and the coffee was yummy too. I would definitely go again. Besides that the cafe is cute, small and feels secure in that you won't have many people walking past staring at you.

Despite this the next table did want to know why we were wearing them ruffles, and when we explained we liked to wear them they went on "Yes, but why do you wear them?" Uhhh... what, I need more reasons now?

Here's F and boy I'm jealous for that hair. Mine would never look naturally good in lolita - it doesn't look good even made up! DX So cute and Halloween-appropriate!

Here's another something that was in a meet-up for the first time, my RM set (minus the bolero). Finally it's cold enough to wear it, that wool is heavy and all too warm for summer. I love it but plz ignore the stupid look on my face.

Finally, le Marty! I love that dress on her, and I love it how she always manages to look so mysterious without even trying. Also: hair. More hair jealousy.

Shoe shot! Mine are so bright that they shine on their own. :D

Then there was some MySpacing around -

..yeah. :D


  1. Kyllä on ihania asuja ja kyllä hiuskateus iski minuunkin.

  2. Hiuskateus on vakava asia! Minulla ei ole läheskään yhtä pitkä letti joten ajattelin kompensoida urheiluautolla.

  3. Wish I could have been there, I'll join you next time... I hope!

  4. Everyone looks wondeful! Love the shoe shot <3

  5. Karen: me toooooo I want you there next time! Missed you. ;^; Don't let the uni work do you in.

    Sapphira: hahahaha something about that photo is actually giving me minor vertigo when I look at it! XD But I love it because shoe shots are, like, the best part of meet-up photoshoots. ):3