Monday, 7 November 2011

Random post will be random.

My, what an... aesthetically pleasing photo this is somehow!

Apologies for the blog silence, NaNoWriMo ate my soul...

Some time ago I totally fell for Rokk of Rósir's "7 pieces for 7000kr" days, and this was one of the things I bought. Completely without trying it on either! :D It's pure luck that it fits but boy it fits like a glove with the exception of my butt, which totally tried to tear its way into freedom every two steps. ;^; Regardless, me gusta.

The best parties are food parties! :D 

And here's some awesomeness that can be done with a pumpkin. Pumpkin bread on the left, roasted pumpkin seeds on the right. OM NOM.


(Nevermind that the bow is supposed to be tied at the back. I got mocca icing on the front of the skirt because I'm a klutz. T^T Coincidentally, anyone got any tips on how to remove the stain?)


  1. ÖWÖ!
    I lurved that black-red outfit! All coorded so beautifully together, and all the pieces so pretty~

    The dress up there too fits you so well~ Always liked the top-parts styled that way (everything with such a styling seems sadly to come in no-stretching fabrics, so I never fit in any off them well ;___;.)

  2. Puppet Circus! *leijunleijun*
    Ahem, glad you liked it! :D That blue dress indeed does not stretch AT ALL. It took a considerable amount of fighting to get it over my bottom and then not rip or tear as I was moving around, sitting down etc. XD

  3. Ihan törkeen hyvän näkönen tuo rusetti tossa eessä.

  4. Hihi, minä vahingossa onko paha? :D