Monday, 10 October 2011

Reasons why I love autumn.

Last night looked rather spectacular with multicoloured, curtain-like aurora and this beautiful, hazy full moon.

Rose hips look so striking on the almost bare branches.

I love it when I can finally wear coats and hats and scarves again. I made that hat about a week ago and I love that huge bobble! I can feel it bobbing up and down as I walk, if it were any bigger it would weigh the whole hat off my head. XD

This is such a cliche but the colours of autumn make me happy. Especially since they're so fleeting. They're there for a couple of days and then they're gone.

Same goes for birds as well, although Iceland is warm enough so that many birds stay here. Puffins are already gone, however, the next ones to disappear are seagulls while in come the ravens.

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