Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The king of Breiðholt.

As summer passes, ravens return to the cities and chase the seagulls away. In Breiðholt there's usually just two ravens, Kronkku (so named after his way of singing) and his wife. Kronkku is relatively easy to recognize for a couple of things: number one, this is his area. Number two, he's quite big for a raven. Three, that special way of singing of his - to compare, his wife says "raakraakraakraakraak" while Kronkku says "kronk. kronk. kronk." Four, he has extra keen eyes, loves full bin bags and hates cameras, being therefore difficult to photograph. 

But! My camera happens to have a killer zoom! Therefore I thought I was being all sneaky and awesome when I spotted him landing on a roof of a house quite a distance away, started taking photos and -

(The pics can all be clicked bigger.)

Here he's just about to start singing when...

..."what's that thing in that human's face over there? I think I see it now, it's a -"

I seriously think he did spot me. In any case these three are the only photos I managed to take before he flew away.

For the record, this was the distance...

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