Monday, 21 November 2011

The happiness you get from a new dress.

Let's also mention this dress fits like a dream, which sort of soothes the knowledge that at European size 38 I am in fact size L if I ask the Chinese. In any case, dress is by Dear Celine and necklace is the vintage pearly one I bought at a fleamarket. Everything else is random randomness and the pic can be clicked larger yadda yadda you know how I roll. :D

The best part of winter: winter coats! This is one of my favourites. Two photos because this one shows the one-sided ruffle detail in the front panel...

...and here you can see the hem. It's a brilliant hem.
Of other accessories I assume the muff is fake fur, but if it were real I would be ok with that, too. Apparently I cannot poke Marty with it anymore if it turns out it's made of cat, as the slightly creepy and created-in-a-rather-odd-state-of-mind legend goes. And that room didn't change size between the two photos. I don't know what happened, just suddenly found this cake and you know what I do with cakes, besides it was literally telling me to eat it and all...


  1. I totally agree that the winter coats are one of the best things in winter! (Others might be curling up under warm blankets, drinking hot drinks and rolling on white snow? 8D)

    But! The dress looks so beautiful! And the hat (beret?) is a perfect match with it. Also, whee, the pretty pearly thing got on use~

  2. White snow. ;^; I'll roll in it when I next come home, be it winter, summer or whatnot!
    The dress indeed is pretty, I'm most happy with it. I had been looking for a simple, dark tone dress for a while before I found that. The pearly thing was screaming for my attention. :D