Friday, 18 November 2011

Some recent shopping. :3

I found this lovely vintage necklace at the large fleamarket downtown. It's a dream, although a bit heavy when worn.

Same place same seller. The only downside to this one is that that curly bit keeps hitting the heart plate underneath as I move around, creating a cat's bell effect. I can no longer sneak upon anyone. :(

Same fleamarket, different seller. I love beige and all those layers of lace, om nom nom!!!

A close-up of the lace. Guys, it is delicious.


  1. That pearlious necklace looks so epic! Can't wait to see it coorded with clothes~

    And that dress, so pretty laces and stuffs, omai :o.

  2. Asio Otus: You don't say! If you ever visit Iceland you'll totally have to stay over a weekend so you can visit this flea market!

    HajaMiel: Dammit, I wish now that I had something super décolleté-revealing because this pearly thing screams for that. Or something else, something super simple and elegant and all black. With red lipstick. Yes. And yes, so much lace, so much love~ :D

  3. Ooh that lace!!! I can imagine the necklace feels heavy, but it certainly is very gorgeous. I can see it looking stunning with an Excentrique-style coord!

  4. I knooow! :D Now if my butt was only a little bit smaller so that - well, I fit the dress but it's kind of very close -
    And indeed that necklace will be seeing a lot of action, beginning last weekend!