Monday, 30 January 2012

Oh, I had a blog...

So, like, hi you guys! My name's auntie Kaino and I kind of forgot I had this blog here, but trust my word on that I have a lot to offer to make up for my negligence. So much has happened lately that I'm still more or less running around in circles just in case I've ignored something important and true to my nature, I always have.

I've got photos of Kronkku and Raakku's baby sitting in a tree, to name an example, and I got attacked by a parental raven. I have bought things again. I have also received things and I definitely need to boast about them. I have eaten well and studied hard a lot more than usual and there will be photos to prove that. I have also been tagged, which will get some due attention ASAP. Oh, and we (me + group of other students) rolled an amazing amount of sushi for the Japan Festival that was held last weekend - there may be yet photos of me in a yukata if I'll manage to find some, so be warned. :D

These eggs would now like to demonstrate my current state of mind.

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