Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Something awesome.

These were one of my Bobmas pressies, and boy they're amazing! :D Their main idea is to keep the belly warm, which they do really well.

The other idea is that they're also the cutest things ever, and they do that really well too.

Here's just to show how them in action. The top covers the belly quite well. As someone who gets some pretty awful cramps once a month, these shorts-things are the best thing ever!



  1. Niin söpöjä! Mistä tollasia villapökiä saa? -20 asteen pakkasessa tekee kernaasti mieli vetää jalkaan masua ja pehvaa lämmittävät villapökät.

  2. Oooh I need those! Perfect for ballet class...

  3. Kaichi: mä sain nämä lahjaksi Japoneasta, joten varmaan kannattaa lurkkia nettikaupoista vaikka nimellä "haramaki pants". Lämmittävät tehokkaasti juu! -3-

    Elfie: TRUEDAT ja sopivat myös tankotanssilämmittelyhousuiksi!

    Godofpoop: *unravels*

    Caramea: nää tuskin on kovin kalliita, jos vain ensin löytää missä näitä myydään. Jos jostain löydät niin suosittelen vakavasti!

  4. Ahhahha, those are great x'D. (And great is also that your blog silence is over!)

    And as a revenge for making your followers worry if you went too close to a sprouting boiling water thingie or sumthing, I challenge you with 11 questions at my blog! HAA!

  5. Ann Marie: wearing the white x red ones atm!

    HajaMiel: those would have spat me out a long time ago, never you fear. But ooh, 11 questions! MOAR shiny! :D