Monday, 27 February 2012

Just a random patch of randomness.

I herd this is sexxay.

Just some spices that became some seriously yummy curry. They just looked so beautiful I needed photos of them.

A lovely flower lady card made out of dried petals, by Godofpoop! I'm thinking of having it framed.

Lastly two cards that join my collection. Both are of Hekla's eruption in 1947.

The above card simply states "Hekla að gjósa 1947/Hekla in eruption 1947", whereas the card below says "Hekla séð frá Selskarði 28. apríl 1947./Hekla sedd från väst 28 april 1947./Mt. Hekla seen from the west April 28th 1947." The photo of the card below is taken by P. Hannesson and the card is printed in Sweden.


  1. Oh sweet Jesus I couldn't stop laughing at the duck face xD

    You're really doing it right, lady.


    My friend bought that for a costume party and I couldn't stop myself. :D