Monday, 6 February 2012


Annnnnnd then another set of questions, these from HajaMiel! I'm feeling a bit lazy so I'll do the tagging etc. in the next entry. :D

1.Your favorite album? (I'm listening music right now, so..)
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band no doubt, but others that come close are Million Dollar Babies by Alice Cooper, Permanent Vacation by Aerosmith, Meteoriitti by Pariisin kevät, The Flying Club Cup by Beirut and Crossbridge by access.

2.Your goal for year 2012?

3.If you could meet someone you might not meet otherwise, who would that be?
I would want to meet Hiroyuki Takami to ask him OMG why so dorky yet so hot?

4.Your favorite food? (I'm hungry, what can I say.)
Pretty much anything, because I enjoy almost any and all kinds of foods. But hmm... CAKE. Okonomiyaki is a safe bet as well.

5.Music, books, games, dancing...fencing? Or something else? (Pick just one and explain!)
Puffins, because puffins.

6.Who do you look up to? (As a person, or as in personal style, as you wish.)
I look up to people who excel at what they do. I look up some artists that I personally know, for example Mr Tea, Snu the BF, both of my previous flatmates J&T and the ever multitalented Jesmo. I look up to people who overcome seriously serious stuff and I look up to people smarter than me (which can on a right day mean almost everyone) and especially people with such a brilliant mind they scare the socks off me, a grand example of this being Damien. Also Patrick Woodroffe, see above.

7.Your...favorite smell? (Umm.. I like perfume bottles?)
Fresh coffee early in the morning has to be one of the best ever. Japanese printing ink. Lakesides and spruce forests, sauna when it's cold and sauna when it's heated and you're the first one to go in.

8.A candle, a fireplace, a sauna, a campfire, a house, which one would you like to see to burn?
A candle is always good. A fireplace works too, but I'd never want to see a house or a sauna burn unless this means fire in the stove. If that, then sauna would be the best of them all because it's been forever since I last was in sauna... a campfire just means mosquitoes and some random idiot playing Stairway to Heaven on an old, wonky Landola so no.

9.If you found yourself in a middle of a forest, what would you do?
Look around for mushrooms, berries and herbs. :3 Pick as much as possible and then go home and eat them. :333 Avoid rabbits.

10.Ever helped an old person across a street?
Yesssss in fact I have. She needed someone to grab the other end of the table she was carrying.

11.A question you wouldn't want to answer to?
Any of the ones in the previous grammar exam. Most of the ones in job interviews. All of the ones that'll land me in trouble no matter what.

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