Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Ravens again!

Meet Kronkku and Raakku's youngling who has not a name yet! I haven't named him/her due to failure in imagination so feel free to come up with a suggestion if you like. :D

As you see, it is a bit of a silly tit for a raven. Just sitting there all prosh while someone's creeping underneath it to take photos of it!




Heeeeeee it let me so close!

Alas, Kronkku/Raakku (didn't see which one it was) was not as happy to let me pay all that attention to the bebe. Right after I had taken the tree photos I heard - and felt - a strong WHUMPH right above my head. I took that as my final warning and ran for dear life. Those birds are BOBDAMN HUEG and strong and have strong beaks and a nasty character!

The rest of the photos are of the parents. They do not like to be photographed.

It's uncanny how they always realize I'm about to take a photo and then this is all I get...

Rare treats. Raakku on a lamp post.

"So long suckerrrrr."


  1. Name it Korppu!

  2. But but but that's a word in Finnish! Means a dry piece of bread. Or something totally rigid. Does that lil' burd want that, hmmmm?

  3. Aw, baby! How old? Somehow it has an awkward adolescent look.

    What language are the parents' names in, and what do they mean?

  4. I didn't see it a year ago so I'm guessing less than a year old. Awkward it definitely was, you should have seen it move about on the branch. XD

    The parents names, well, I guess I could say they're Finnish, but they're onomatopoeic. Kronkku sings "Kronk. Kronk." and Raakku sings "raakraakraakraakraakraakraak". :D

  5. I have baby seagulls on my roof in summer, they have the same pathetic and endearing look as that young crow. They are such enormously big babies though!

    By the way, I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award!

    You get first place <3

  6. This one was quite big for a baby too, I had to go really close before I could confirm it really was still baby-sized. I've seen it fly too so whatever the reason was that it didn't even try to escape me, it wasn't lack of flying skills. :D Bird babies are adorable at this age! XD Then they grow up into adulthood and start attacking the bin bags the moment you turn your back to them, rrrrrrr.

    Oooh delicious blog award, thank you~

  7. + The first place did tickle me! ^V^