Friday, 29 June 2012

Trying on a yukata.

Sssso, I now have a yukata and a hanhaba obi and therefore I needed to try them out. Naturally. This time I also saw some trouble for my hair and the lovely geta I bought from Kyoto years ago got more action too.

The ohashori is not actually crooked, the white side of the obi is playing some optical illusory stuff there. Nevermind my face: I'm not actually sad and disappoint, it's just that my face is emo by default.

A better and worse photo. Better because it shows the whole outfit in more detail but worse because seriously, a bush of lilacs as a background vs. a couple of chairs? Yeah.
(Although they're very pretty chairs.)

Dat obi again. The print of the yukata might be easiest to see in this one.

My hair - nothing complicated going on there but I thought it ended up ok-ish.

Love them geta!


  1. I like your yukata a lot, it's really retro! I think the hairstyle matches well :) My friend was teaching me how to put on yukata the other day, I think I've just about got the hang of it. I have't got any geta though, I want some but I'm worried they might be uncomfy! How do you find them?

    1. Thank you, the print indeed is retro style. :) Geta are - well, I suppose it depends a bit on what you're used to walking with. In general they're very comfortable to walk with but on the first times they may rub a blister between your toes. I've had both regular type geta and these high heel ones and IMO these are by far more comfy, but then again the other kind isn't that bad either. I'm just more used to walking with a bit of heel to my shoes, I suppose.

      Yukata must look amazing on you! I wish we'll see photos of that. :)

  2. Ooh, this one is very cute~ The print looks muchos o fun >u>.

    1. Thank you! Indeed, I love that print to bits and back. :D