Friday, 13 July 2012

All it's lacking is BOBHUEG shoulder pads...

1980's inspired, and it naturally went ero. IDK why, it just did (of course I know why, it's because the stuff people wore in the 80's looked like it was from a cheap porn flick). Alas that I didn't have large enough earrings, or you know, one large earring because mismatched earrings, anyone?

Haha, 90's IOW one more to go, unless I can somehow think of a 2000's lolita inspiration as well. :D

OP + minihat: VM Beth
Some jewellery + glove: vintage
All else: offbrand


  1. The dress is lovely, and no one will ever convince me that you shouldn't wear legwarmers with lolita! This is my favourite of your decade outfits so far.

    1. Thank you! All I regret is that I didn't have enough garish colours to, you know, REALLY make the colour combo 80's but maybe that's for the best... XD