Saturday, 14 July 2012

My teenage years, please don't ever return.

To begin with I'll just say that this is, for an obvious reason, my least favourite era of fashion. I was a teenager in the 90's, that's why! Besides I had to make a scrunchie for this outfit and aaaaaaaaarrrrggghhhh I will not be able to fix that dent in my pride in a hurry.

Let's start by a short info section though: in Finland, smiling was totally passé for young people. You had to put on a ridiculously IMATOUGHGUY face, esp. for photos just to look, er, cool. I'm not certain if this also happened in other countries but I remember that feeling of "nnnnnggghhhh can not smile now" whenever I look at my old photos from that time. 

About the hand signs then. I'm not and never was very knowledgeable on gang signs, but the important thing is that neither was anyone else. We kept throwing them because we DIDN'T know what they meant (how could we have, we lived in effing Finland...). All we thought was that a pose like that made us look cool, and cool was the only appropriate adjective for any kid living the 90's.

Ok, ONE more to go. I just got an awesome idea for 2000's inspired loli so I'll do that tomorrow and then, well, I suppose it's time to return to regular content. :D

JSK, scrunchie, necklace: selfmade
All else: offbrand

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