Thursday, 19 July 2012

I've been shopping again.

Reykjavík is chock full of fleamarkets and they're all rather huge! I recently found yet one more of them and even if I say so myself, the haul is pretty impressive. Firstly a cute crocheted bolero that's already seen loads of use since I bought it.

A detail shot because I love those. The lace is really soft and warm.

This shirt caught my eye by the beautiful lace on its sleeves. It's still a bit wrinkly but we'll see, I think it'll become a well-loved item in my wardrobe in no time. Also this is why I'm thrift lolita OMG dat lace.

Look at it.

Loook at it!


And finally this little golden monstrosity beauty! Puppet Circus skirt here I come~

Golden lace. I may have found a new fashionary crush.

The bolero over my long denim dress plus naturally those geta I love so much.


  1. Wow your finds are super cute, I wish I could find things like this when I go thrifting!

    1. I was probably just lucky this time! :D Then again there's a strange tendency to run into fleamarkets that sell supercute clothes here in Reykjavík - Rokk og Rósir comes to mind first and now this new place. One day I'll just draw a shopping map of Reykjavík...

  2. Imma lookin at it. And it's damn awe TuT

    1. It is it IS! Dat feel when you find awesome lace. Dat feel.