Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Breiðholt's Puffin Scarf.

Hi all! This is my newest project, Breiðholt's Puffin Scarf. It all began as a random idea, but somewhere along the way I realized it really is kind of a fun pattern so I decided to share it. You're free to use this pattern but please don't make changes to it (other than the possible ones specified in the pattern) or rename it. Also credit it to me and/or include a link to this page, please. :)

I like how versatile it is for such a simple pattern. I easily found three different ways of tying it and likely there are even more. Besides it's really warm and cozy.

Here's the pattern then. It's not much work either – I finished working on it in less than two days.
What you need are a set of 5 double pointed needles size 2.5(US)/3.0mm and two different colours of wool. However, you can freely change the colours and the amount of them - be it single colour or a total rainbow, all is fine. I'm using one ball of black and another of white Léttlopi (= light unspun wool) myself, thick enough to usually warrant 6-8 (US)/4-5mm needles! Tension needs to be 20 stitches = 10cm / 3.9 inches.

Cast on 30 stitches and knit 5 rows of stocking stitch. Knit the puffin as the pattern shows, leaving 5 stiches on each side of the pattern. Continue with 10 rows of stocking stitch.
Begin to knit 1 purl 1 knit 1 purl 1 etc. for the next 20 rows.

For the lace part, knit two stitches togerher, yarn over, 2tog, yo for a whole row. Turn around and cast a new stitch to the beginning of the row, then knit the rest. Continue for eight rows. Then change the direction of the lace and create those wavy edges: cast a new stitch to the beginning of the next row and follow with 2tog, yo, 2tog, yo etc. Do not cast on any new stitches on the other side this time. Knit altogether 16 times changing the direction every 8 rows, or as long as you'd like the scarf to be. Any length is fine as long as it reaches around your neck. :D

Next row will once again be knit 1 purl 1 knit 1 purl 1 etc. Don't change the colour just yet if you're making a two colour scarf. Continue for three rows with the first colour and then change for the other colour; this will look tidier when the scarf is finished. Continue for five more rows in the other colour, then divide the stiches onto three needles and knit each one separately for 10 rows. Then join the stitches once again onto one needle and continue for 5 more rows before returning to stocking stitch.

20 rows more of stocking stitch and then follow the puffin pattern again, but this time begin from the puffin's head and knit it “upside-down” so it will be right side around on the finished scarf. See that the beak of both puffins points at the same direction! After the pattern's done, knit 5 more rows and then bind off, weave in ends and steam the scarf.

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