Friday, 10 August 2012

Three pairs of zori.

Hello hello! Long time no see!

I recently traveled to Finland and spent a while there, attending a wedding and getting caught by the worst rainstorm ever, managing the dangerous task of feeding a bunny (several times - and I still have all the digits I'm supposed to!) and getting lulzy threats from a group of teenagers. Usual stuff as you can see. Then I came back to Iceland and so far I have for example been to a local flea market.

Yes, the zori of the top photo are all from there. IDK who or why they were thrown away (Red Cross store only sells donated stuff) but clearly the salespeople did not quite know what they were, since they were sold at 300kr a pair. That's about 2E to you europeeps. They're all used but the condition of them all is good. No scratches, no stains, no flaws what so ever!

Side view of the red ones. These are my favourite pair of them.

It's always such an awkward feeling when one finds something awesome for a cheap price at the flea market.  Trying to keep a straight face at the cashier is almost impossible.

Both these pink ones are also really cute! I am somewhat tempted to just post notes on Icelandic discussion boards about these zori although maybe not - the previous owner might not want the attention. Still, mightily curious am I.


  1. I so agree about the "trying to keep straight face at cashier" thing. Many a time I've been tempted to do a little victory dance after paying for an antique lace piece something that would not even buy a pack of chewing gum. But then I've restrained myself, it seems a little vulgar to celebrate the pricing mistake of some charity shop...

    1. Hahaha I can imagine this happens to you rather often though! Most people can't really see the worth in old lace items, it probably takes a pro to be able to quickly pick the good stuff from the mundane! :D

  2. Replies
    1. Yes they so are! And really not a scratch on them. The bottoms are well-worn though.