Thursday, 27 September 2012

Yesterday and today's coords.

Some recent try-outs on different tomboy styles with my checkered komon kimono.

First one, men's hakama.

That hairstyle looks kind of hilarious. :D

Then for some artsy photoediting.

This one has so many layers I don't even. I like the way the scarf hides my sharp shoulders here.

...annnnd here's those colours once more because those photos in front of the window are a bit too dark. It was and still is raining cats and dogs outside so outdoors photos are a no go at the moment. 


  1. wow, nice style! new one for me. last coord is my favourite, like the way scarf echoes the stripes.
    i finally picked up the kimonobook i mentioned, with posing advice. photos in my blog. though i have no idea how i came up with the three bends idea, at least not from that book.

    1. That scarf is also amazing job (made by bf's grandma) - as a lace enthusiast you might get a kick out of it! I'll take photos sometime.

      Oooooooh kimono book, I must go see right away~