Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Trying a new look.

I was thinking about trying an otoko poi coord. I admit I'm new to the style, but here's what I've found out so far:

As a style, otoko poi borrows a lot from men's fashion styles, however it's not cross-dressing. It's been described as taking a lot of influence from Meiji era styles. As a first try this is nothing awesome yet, but I've already an idea for the next - I love this little substyle so you know to expect more.

To better explain the idea behind the style, an otoko poi look can include for example:

- hakamas
- obi tied lower than usual, depends on the wearer how low - I've seen some amazing coords with the obi practically around the hips!
- ohashori is therefore not necessary for this look
- kaku obis (most often worn by men although there's nothing that would stop a woman from wearing one either)
- hats, in particular men's hats
- a western type shirt underneath the kimono
- western style shoes or boots
- very tones down kimonos or men's kimonos
- simple designs
- colours usually associated with men's kimono: beige, brown, black, navy/indigo blue, dark green, gray
- western accessories f.ex. scarves and gloves


  1. I love this style! In fact, I'm loving all of your kimono-wearings lately, they are so inspiring.

    1. Haha, I've been on a kimono phase for a while haven't I. XD Sadly I've had had to curb my kimono-wearing a bit lately because the autumn rainy season is now in Iceland - it can start raining at any moment even from an almost cloudless sky! But we'll see, today's looking sunny enough and the next week's the autumn holiday from the uni... moar kimono wearing? MOAR KIMONO WEARING!

  2. Hee, does sound like style of muchos of funn~

    1. I was actually thinking about you at one point when was writing this entry! :D I think it would look really good on you.