Saturday, 10 November 2012

I bought stuff, hi. :)

Guess what I got in the mail~

Ahem, yes. I've been kimono/obi shopping again. I can't help it you know. Kiiiiid-dinnggg I can stop anytime I want to. I just don't want to yet.

This kimono I totally fell for from the moment I saw it. It may be a bit dark a colour for me but I love that pattern. I also found it interesting how the lining is in three different colours; white in the body, bright red in the sleeves and salmon pink around the wrists. There are some slight stains which were prolly the reason the price was down, but they're mostly tiny. There's one larger one but even that is hard to see because of the pattern.

The pattern by the way is the reason I fell for it. I love woven patterns. Could be the Finn in me since our national dresses' patterns are often done in this style.

An absolutely lovely nagoya obi! The pattern is half woven in and half embroidered. It has one prominent stain right in the front piece which I'll have to hide somehow before I can properly wear it, though.

 Close-up of the embroidery part because it's just so lovely.

Another nagoya obi, a bit thicker one than the one before. This one I also fell in love with the moment I saw it. No stains as far as I've been able to see this far, one snag in the thread in a place that's not noticeable. The arrow is pointing towards the part of the would-be taiko that's pointing down.

Did I say something about woven in patterns?

This is the part that would be in the front. It's absolutely lovely.

These have all been bought from Japanese Antiques, an eBay store I can wholeheartedly recommend. Excellent price/quality level, wonderful customer service and very fast shipping!


  1. Wow! How awesome! I don't remember seeing many woven dyed patterns that intricate. And the obis... i'm speechless. Lately I've been looking at minä perhonen clothes online, and now that i saw your embroidered obis, I think they are inspired in a subtle way by kimono styles. All the embroideries and complex combinations of techniques.

    1. Haha, Mina Perhonen is located near where a friend of mine lives in Tokyo. It was rather surprising to bump into for the first time!

      And obi are really, really pretty. Which I at first spelled rally, rally for some reason. :D?

  2. The blue one with the stripes is super pretty!

    1. It is lovely indeed and I can't wait to try it on! ^^