Tuesday, 18 December 2012

What's up in Iceland?

Many things! Look at our Bobmas lights. Look at them! (We're not responsible for these lights btw but as they're right outside our window they count as ours.) For the next year we could add some white ones for a complete flag of Iceland.

Then there was aurora. Snu's mum knows how much I like northern lights so she always alarms me to them when they're up, I jump into my boots and out I go.

Yeah, no coat or anything. I was frozen stiff when I finally came back indoors. But don't worry, some mulled wine took care of that.

Dear Santa: for Bobmas I'd like to learn to use my camera properly. Thank you and please.

We had a little visitor among the blue lights that coincidentally aren't half as retina-burning during the few hours of daylight as they are in the dark. Snu's plant, whateveritsnameis (we've named it SniktBub) looks to have malicious intentions towards the bird. My tomato that's just called tomato just is sort of there all 'sup.

I baked gingerbread the other day. They're all gone now so I better make a new dough tonight. Some Journey things happened but don't ask me why, it's not like I'm a game fan.


  1. So nice to hear from youu~~
    And I'm so jealous for those northern lights thingys! It's been forever since I saw any IRL!
    Love to the cookies too~

    1. I feel like bragging about the northern lights. I've seen them here during these two years more often than ever before in my whole life. And they're awesome in a country with almost no trees and tall buildings!

      I made more cookies. The ones posted here are now long gone. Hah.