Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A new dress.

I'm interrupting the meme to show my newest dress. Actually I began to sew it while I still lived in Finland and for the longest time it sat in a plastic bag, half-made, until some time ago when I dug it up, took it apart, changed it here and there and finally completed it.

The ribbons can either be tied into bows in front -

- or hid under the dress. The clasps will keep it closed both ways.

Check that boob frill!


  1. I'm all thumbs (how many do I have, hmm, is a secret) for sewing! Yes!
    Looks lovely~

    1. Thank you! (And no worries, you can keep your secret. Whenever I sew it's like I have ten wieners instead of fingers, thumbs would be an improvement!)