Saturday, 12 January 2013

It was a kimono day again. :3

A while ago I bought a new winter kimono and two obis, so today I decided to throw some things together, see how it works. 

I'm wearing another lined kimono underneath for the simple reason that it's way too effing cold to not to! O_O;

Who am I kidding, two lined kimonos weren't even enough. Adding my haori and a fur scarf (real teddybear) was where I was beginning to feel comfy and then I went and wore gloves as well. Btw is there any proper term for fake fur? Furette? Furalike?

A bit blurry but who cares, it's not like the backside's that special. :D

And then I went running in the hills like you do.

Wearing kimono always reminds me that my butt is huge. You have no idea how much I have to pad my waist, this time I was even wearing another full length winter kimono so its ohashori added bulk, but even then I needed extra towels. The good thing is that in the winter the padding adds warmth to the ensemble, the bad thing is that in the summer the padding adds warmth to the ensemble.


  1. Oh, I love the ensemble with fur(ette) and gloves. Very chic!

    1. It looks oddly 20's, now that I think of it! Thank you. ^^

  2. big butt is sth i wish th have :D but generally as much as i like the aestetics of kimono i think its rather uncomfortable dress, isnt it? so much layers, folding, heavy material..

    1. Well, yes and no. :) All depends on what kind of a kimono you're wearing. The more formal the kimono is the more difficult it is to put on and the more uncomfortable too.

      Mine are all very non-formal though, so they're easy and light to wear. Besides, the more you wear a kimono the better you learn to do it, which means you can begin to tie it less tight. They're actually really comfortable! :)