Sunday, 23 December 2012

Human Hands by Sondre Lerche


  1. Why do you live in Iceland?

    1. This is how it happened:

      I felt I was being thwarted at home so I begged my father for a longboat and a crew so I could go gather myself a nice amount of money and reputation. He said no, but my mother was more accommodating and understood my dreams so out I sailed. I had these three ravens with me and one day I lost one, so I knew land was near.

      Too near in fact. I sailed my ship right onto rocks like the worst kind of a noob. I had to swim ashore and once there I went through villages, looting everything in sight. I'm only staying here as long as it takes me to get a new ship made but as there are no trees in Iceland this might take a while.

      (That, or I came here to steal their men.)