Sunday, 20 January 2013

Lolita meme part 3.

3. What my own Lolita lifestyle is like

To begin with, I'm not a lifestyle loli. I'm way too lazy to put constant effort into my looks, besides one reason why I love wearing lolita is that it gives me those special moments of "oooh my clothes are real preeehtttay!" which I can only assume would grow scarce if wearing frills became an everyday thing. 

This is not to say that some parts of the style haven't sneaked into my daily life though. I can easily think of a couple of things that I would not probably have even got interested in had I not been first interested in lolita style.

First of all my general style, even on lazy days, is very feminine and on the cute side rather than sexy. The clothing style I used to have pre-lolita now looks embarrassingly small and crude, so I think it's safe to say the lolita aesthetics have burrowed themselves somewhere inside my fashion core. I like moriesque combos and hairstyles, they're fast and easy to wear and low maintenance throughout the day. They also fit the Icelandic climate more than well. A word of advice if you're going to visit Iceland: layers. Wear them. Wear as many of them as you can possibly get away with and try to make one of them be a sweater, and Icelandic sweater if you have the choice.

Secondly I would probably not have a collection of teacups and drink as much tea as I do. My favourite tea is Milk Oolong which I never get tired of and can drink all night long. I generally prefer green tea to both white and brown, unless I'm in Britain because Brits really know their tea! It's the first thing I miss about the UK whenever I think of it.

I can't believe it's been almost ten years since I made this dress! :O

I've always liked crafts, but only after lolita did I really begin to make things for myself. Especially clothes. Not only lolita either but basically anything I set my fancy on - I see a cute sweater but don't have the money to buy one, I knit one. I see a dress I'm dying for but could not fit it in my life, I make one in my own size. It's amazing the feeling you get when you learn where things come from, how they're made and how much time goes into the making, what kind of problems there might be and so on.

So in short I guess I should say that lolita has had quite a big influence on my daily life in ways that don't necessarily have much to do with the style itself.

I don't know what this creature is but to this day it's one of my favourite pieces of enamel painting I've ever made. I also want one as a pet, please.


  1. I demand you start wearing more hats and bright lipstick as in pic 2, looks g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!