Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Hair-do for furisode.

Still remember the furisode? I totally forgot what I took some photos of the hairdo, since it's a bit more complicated than it looks and I thought to, er, preserve my efforts or something. :D

Making it started by a ponytail, about midway on the back of my head. It's tied with a red ribbon and that red flower-patterned... thingy. Excuse me for not knowing what it's called in English OR Finnish, aaaah! Pompula?

The next step was to divide the ponytail in two and plait both halves. I attached the the plaits with hairpins, making a loop on each side of my head. I'm not sure how well it shows here but the red ribbon is lying over the loop on the left side.

Then when the do was ready I simply tacked it full of flowers!


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