Sunday, 7 April 2013

Happy bday to me one day early!

It's not quite my birthday yet but regardless me & boyfriend went to celebrate it a little! To me celebrating equals eating yummy stuffs so not surprisingly we headed for Bakarí Sandholt downtown.

Notice the almost identical pose. I'm good at replicating my own poses.

I have more or less given up trying to make my hair look tidy. It's just not worth the trouble and it always fails. Instead I've opted for a messy look to begin with as illustrated above, because no matter what the wind tries to do to it it'll still look messy.

Outfit rundown:

Dress: Lady Sloth
Skirt: selfmade
Shirts + necklace: vintage
Coat: Emily Temple Cute
Socks: Innocent World
Headdress: from a gift swap
Shoes + scarf + gloves: offbrand

But let's get to the main thing, CAKE. This is what I ate:

Chocolate cake with sour cherries. Oh my!

Coffee - black although it doesn't look that way, but the pale colour is actually due to foam on top of the coffee. Pistachio macaron, a HUGE one.

Chocolates and even more coffee!

And then some more things I would have gladly eaten if I had only had room for them after all the above:

I don't even know what these are but yes please.

Mmmmmmmmmmm cake pops (with leaf gold)...


  1. Happy bday!
    And nom to all noms and to you too~

    1. Thank! :D Sandholt is the nomfullest cafe of Reykjavík uuuuh yeaaaahhh! And thank. XD

  2. Very happy getting old day! Your outfit is lovely, especially the dress!

    1. Thank you! AAAAAAAAAAAAH! I mean hi! I mean thank you!

      That dress is one of my most used items nowadays. So comfy, so warm, so colour compatible to my wardrobe (which largely consists of cream, black and brown lol). ^^