Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Lolitas are out!

So the aforementioned loli meet-up happened! This being Iceland the community is small, so it's more like friends hanging out at a cafe than a real meet-up meet-up but nevertheless I'm always eagerly awaiting for them. This time we went to a new bubble tea cafe on Laugarvegur (called Bubble tea and Pancakes Cafe) and the photo above is why you should definitely try it. The interior may look a little bit unfinished but trust me, the pancakes and the bubble teas are well worth it! 

Mine's a coconut+banana with tutti frutti jelly. K ordered a coffee one with coffee jelly - oh my Bob I'll have that the next time, it was so delicious! My pancake's just strawberries + chocolate sauce, a simple one but so good.

K's outfit of the day! I was too taken away by chatting and forgot to take a photo of her which made me sad. This photo is therefore lifted from her FB (with permission).

I did not, however, forget to take a photo of F! Always picture perfect.

Plus I love her shoes...

Next I will post two photos that will explain how I felt about yesterday:

That's a new hoodie by the way! Finished it just for the day and for once I have a lolita item that has handy pockets. :D

Outfit rundown:

Shirt+shoes: vintage
JSK+skirt+hoodie+accessories (the kanzashi flower): selfmade

As an additional photo have a look at our garden this morning. Tomorrow's supposed to be the first day of summer, according to the old calendar, we'll have to wait and see if Iceland can do a summer on schedule.