Thursday, 25 April 2013

Playing with some obis.

So we had a lot of snow yesterday. I'm happy to tell you it's all gone now (today we're celebrating the First of Summer here in Iceland so yeah, that snow went away just in time) and that it's much warmer than yesterday... anyway, I sincerely hope that that wool kimono could now retire for the summer. Nothing wrong with the kimono itself but I could personally do with a bit warmer weather.

As you can tell by the path I trod in the snow while taking these photos with a self timer, this above photo was taken long before the first one of this entry. :D

Then I re-did the musubi of the red one into one that was flat enough for this.

I was trying for a certain musubi I've done once before but instead I somehow came up with this one. Don't ever ask me to repeat this knot, I have no recollection how it was done. 

Front. Yup, some serious kimono layering going on there. It was so cold!

Back. the whole musubi is made of the tare end, the te and the obiage are holding it in place.

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