Saturday, 27 April 2013

Out of the loli comfort zone and trying something new.

I did a small try-out at wa-lolita just for the lols tonight to put myself out of my comfort zone. I often dislike wa coords where the top and the bottom differ in colour so I went for that. I've another idea for the kind of a combo where the bottom is black (another one that seems to fail more often the succeed) which I'm thinking of trying tomorrow. 

I'm not saying I'm actually pulling off these looks, by the way. I'm simply trying to succeed in doing looks that I personally don't often like, all criticism is therefore both welcome and helpful. 

Whoah windy!

Wa-lolita style done with a yukata that's just chopped in half rarely looks good, but why is that so? Is it something about the way it's worn that goes against my tastes? I figured that what I do not personally like can be divided in two parts: 

1) I don't like it when the yukata is tied so tight about the hips that it flattens the skirt part. Lolita needs some poof! 

2) I don't like the lack of ohashori, that fold that you see underneath the obi. Ohashori's function is much more than the looks only: it makes wearing a yukata/kimono more comfortable and helps keep the collars in place. Well, I admit that I really do love the way it looks too, it's a very elegant part of any kimono or a kimono-esque outfit in my opinion. 

So I thought, is it really necessary to cut a yukata short? After all the ohashori is what takes a lot of fabric in it, could that not be used to make it shorter like I did with the aristo-outfit? Since it's meant for summer wear a yukata is most likely made of thin fabric, which can easily be folded in many ways depending on the purpose so why not simply play on the item of clothing the way it's meant to be?

I took my thinnest yukata and got to work. At first I tied it normally, albeit really short, and made sure the front sides of the yukata formed two "spikes" (to ascertain a maximum amount of room for the poofy skirt). Then I divided the yukata on two halves - front and back - by tucking it under the first waist tie on both sides. 

The front is simple: I double folded the ohashori so that it's short enough and doesn't hang all the way to my knees lol. The backside I let hang down in folds (there's that ohashori too but most of the butt ruffle -thing you see is just the long hem of the yukata gathered in shape).

Besides this I wore a high collar shirt underneath the yukata, mostly for the style and also because this particular yukata is so thin it's see-through. :D The musubi is just an ordinary butterfly. It does not actually need an obiage but I like the way it looked.

The front. I chose an obi that's sort of... loliesque to begin with. Hmmm, maybe I should make another one, this one's been seen in so many coords already that it may be getting a bit boring.

So here you have it, a wa-lolita outfit done with a yukata top! I see a couple of things I'd like to do differently the next time, but all in all I'm ok with the end result. :)

Outfit rundown:

Yukata + hanhaba obi + petticoat: selfmade
Skirt: Innocent World
Shirt: vintage
Boots: Bodyline
Hair accessories: roses are by Bodyline, the kanzashi is selfmade.
All else: offbrand

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