Sunday, 28 April 2013

Out of the loli comfort zone part 2.

I tried another look that I rarely like in wa: black skirt + colourful top combo. The top I chose is deliberately toned down though, because the one thing I definitely dislike about combos like this is the overall garishness of the look. The basic idea reminds me of Meiji era outfits such as this one: a dark hakama over a kimono and Western style shoes, but these type of kimono coords are rarely overpowering. Rather they play with the simplicity of the geometric pattern which looks elegant while still being youthful.

I tucked the whole kimono + the juban into that skirt! :D They gave it a nice amount of extra poof and I completely avoided the problem of the kimono top squeezing the skirt flat. Besides this keeps with the Meiji coord idea, so I rather like the outcome.

The best thing about keeping the main look simple is that there's no danger of overcrowding the look, no matter how many accessories you add. With yesterday's style I could not have added quite this much stuff without turning the whole thing into a random ball of randomness.

Side view.

Then for the musubi. It's a version of an anesan musubi; to make it this way you'll need to have a long obi, long enough for two or three loops around the bow. Mine has three loops, but only the top two that are pulled apart are showing. Then I used the remaining tare to create that little end bit there -

Problem of course is that my obi is reversible. Luckily the obi is really, really long so there was enough material to make a fold that turned the right side outward, fold it up a bit and then attach the whole thing with the obiage as shown in the photo.

Outfit rundown:

Kimono + juban + shoes: vintage
Obi + obiage: selfmade
Accessories: offbrand, Bodyline, vintage, selfmade


  1. On kyllä aika eeppisen hiano koordimus! Jotain mitä ei vielä ollakaan nähty.

    1. Tattista! :D Olen viimeaikoina innostunut kimonoilemaan, se saattaa näkyä. XD